Tottenham Court Road (TCR) Station Upgrade

Key Facts

  • Client: London Underground
  • Value: £320 million
  • Location: Tottenham, Court Road Station, London

BAM Nuttall is working in joint venture with Taylor Woodrow (TWBN JV) to redevelop Tottenham Court Road Station.

BAM Nuttall is working in joint venture with Taylor Woodrow (TWBN JV) to redevelop Tottenham Court Road Station. The upgrade is needed to accommodate the expected rise in passenger numbers when the new Elizabeth Line opens in 2018. The changes being made will bring many advantages to train passengers, as well as those who live and work in the area, these benefits include:

  • A new, larger ticket hall
  • New entrances and a public plaza outside Centre Point
  • Additional escalators
  • New access to the Northern and Central line platforms to reduce congestion
  • Safety and accessibility improvements

Reducing risk

TWBN and our strategic supply chain partners are working in a fully integrated team with London Underground (LU), helping us manage operational risk effectively and achieve on time delivery. Key milestones have included the opening of the new ticket hall in January 2015 and the re-opening of the Central Line in December 2015, both delivered to programme.

Tunnelling and spray concrete lining: The majority of new tunnelling works were designed as Sprayed Concrete Lining (SCL). However, two 4.5m diameter shafts and two short lengths of 4m diameter tunnel were designed to be constructed with Spheroidal Graphite Iron (SGI) segments using traditional hand mining techniques. We worked collaboratively with the permanent works designer to develop an SCL alternative that improved logistics planning by removing the need for specialist off site manufacture and delivery of SGI units. It also eliminated the need for highly complicated temporary works for timber headings, resulting in improved safety and programme and cost savings.

Instrumentation and monitoring: Works are taking place in close proximity to a number Grade listed buildings which require particular attention both in terms of monitoring regimes and liaison with English Heritage. We use a system that combines robotic surveying techniques and automated electronic devices coupled to a remote data management system. This monitors over 5,000 locations for movement, providing early warning to site staff. It also provides regular and ongoing survey information which is communicated electronically to third parties and London Underground for review.

Logistics: This complex and highly pressurised scheme is being carried out within a confined site footprint which lies within the congested intersection between Oxford Street, Charing Cross Road and Tottenham Court Road. There is very little storage space so well managed logistics is essential to keep the project within time and budget. Furthermore, the central London location is a densely populated commercial and residential area. Best practice set out in our Environmental Management Plan is essential in mitigating potential disruption and we liaise regularly with local residents, community groups and business through the Community Liaison Group (CLG) meetings.

Reducing energy consumption

Power Factor Correction: We have significantly reduced carbon emissions and cost by implementing power factor correction (PFC) technology on the project. PFC is commonly used in the building industry but has been overlooked on construction projects. After a year of operating PFC, we calculated that the corrected power factor directly saves 120t CO2 per year.

Developing skills for future projects

Using the National Skills Academy for Construction (NSAfC) model, TWBN JV launched its own Skills Academy in July 2011 aimed at developing the workforce and creating opportunities for young people. The team supports recruitment events and works with local agencies such as West Euston Partnership, City Gateway, National Apprenticeship Service and West Kingsway College. The team was presented with an NSAfC award for Outstanding Construction Contribution to Supply Chain Engagement in 2014.