BAM Nuttall continues to improve environmental and social performance and maintains a strong commitment to becoming a more sustainable and responsible business. Beyond Zero is the principal leadership and change management programme by which, we will achieve our aims. Beyond Zero thinking makes us stronger and gives us an unshakable foundation for our journey to a successful and responsible future. This is a key component of our vision for the future of the company.

Our visionary journey – Beyond Zero

Work continued throughout 2015 to reinforce the BAM Nuttall purpose, vision and values under the term ‘bringing engineering to life’. This work was undertaken by employees who met in workshops and focus groups to help communicate and further embed our vision and change management programme throughout the business.


Our carbon emissions are heavily influenced by work type. There was a 26% reduction in total emissions in 2015 from 61,000 tonnes in 2014 to 45,000 tonnes last year. This was a significant contribution towards an impressive 17% reduction at Group level e.g. 277,000 tonnes in 2009, to 230,000 tonnes in 2015. BAM is a CDP Climate A List company and achieved the maximum score of 100-A.


Total quantities of waste have reduced substantially in recent years. In 2015 we removed over 300,000 tonnes of waste for our customers of which approximately 90% was diverted from landfill. Waste from our offices and other premises has reduced year on year since 2011. This has contributed to an impressive 72% reduction of waste at Group level e.g. 574,000 tonnes in 2009 to 161,000 tonnes in 2015.

Environmental protection

The Environmental Incident Frequency Rate (E-IFR) target for 2015 was 0.05. This challenging target was exceeded by achieving a year end figure of 0.028. The lowest rate since records began.

In 2015, 99% of all of our timber was from verified legal and sustainable sources.

Circular economy

Definition:An economy which aims to keep materials, components and products at their highest utility and value, at all times.

We innovate to reduce material consumption during the design process and work with our supply chain partners to identify more sustainable alternatives. We have improved the percentage of recycled materials and renewable materials used and have been working with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to deliver information and training to our supply chain partners.


In 2016, BAM Group UK (legal entity comprising of BAM Nuttall and BAM Construct UK) were awarded the CEMARS gold standard for achieving at least a 25% reduction in normalised carbon emissions since the 2008 baseline year. CEMARS is the Carbon Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme and refers to ISO14064-1:2006. This achievement has been accomplished by the implementation of several energy saving initiatives across both organisations. At BAM Nuttall, these changes have included, but are not limited to;

  • Better works planning
  • Using more modern, efficient plant
  • Getting mains electricity connections in substitute for on-site diesel generators
  • Better energy awareness through training
  • Enhanced energy measurement methods
  • Carrying out regular energy efficiency audits

For 2017 and beyond BAM Nuttall has set even more challenging targets to reduce its energy consumption by a further 25% on a new 2015 baseline, and across its Scope 1,2 & 3 emission classes by 2020. This target is in line with that of our parent company Royal BAM Group and works towards a climate positive future in the long term - a future in which construction is not a carbon emitter but one in which it is a carbon eliminator.