The first Elev8or session took place on 22 August at We Work in Central London. Hosted by Robert Llewellyn of Scrap Heap Challenge fame twelve technology-based companies were each given five minutes to pitch to a select BAM Nuttall audience.

Each company also had a small exhibition area so that they could demonstrate their technology during the break periods. The breadth of technology on display varied form Pave Gen, who are able to generate electricity through a smart pavement powered by the footfall of passing pedestrians through to illuminated fluorescent PPE with an in-built lighting system and power pack. Companies such as Converge are already very well known to BAM Nuttall with its concrete cure monitoring system.

Credit must go to Colin Evison and Justin Aroyeun from the innovations teams for a truly inspiring evening and a real time demonstration of the new technologies that are available to drive our industry forward.