The A14 Team with their Award

The A14 Kettering Jn 9-7 project has been shortlisted for the Health and Safety award at this year’s Celebrating Construction awards!

The A14 Kettering Junction 9 to 7 Project is proving to be a ‘Best Practice’ scheme for road user safety with exceptional road user safety record.

In the 18 months since construction period, a co-ordinated approach was deployed with close collaboration, engaging with a wide range of experienced stakeholders. We followed an integrated safety strategy, which resulted in the scheme delivering a significant number of achievements:

Key areas of road safety

•A 73% improvement in all Road Traffic Collisions (when comparing 18month before construction began)

•15 Minute response time to incidents within road works

•A clear strategy to incident management

•Clear engagement with Northamptonshire Police

•HD19 Road Safety Audits for all TTM schemes.

•Engineering Solutions : using Zoneguard temporary barrier (first UK deployment) and risk awareness on end terminals

•Engineering Solutions : ensuring routes for Emergency responders