The latest in the 'Cones' Children’s books, Cones on the Waterfront was released on Thursday 22nd June 2017.

The book, which aims to educate children about safety around waterways, has been commissioned by BAM Nuttall, who are currently the contractor completing phase 1 of the Leeds Food Alleviation Scheme in conjunction with Leeds City Council and The Environment Agency.

The 6th book in the Cones series, will teach lessons about staying safe near the water’s edge, what flood defences do and look like and the detrimental effect that litter can have to the river environment.

Whilst the book isn’t specifically set in Leeds, eagle eyed readers will notice several features based on the current Leeds Flood Alleviation works on the River Aire, including the new water-safety cone: Conefluence, who wears a BAM Nuttall high visibility jacket and hard hat, similar to those worn by the flood defence site team.

Chris Madeley author of the book said,

“We are blessed with great waterways running the length and breadth of the British Isles. This book is to encourage families to go out there, enjoy, have fun, adventures and introduce children to the delights of the natural world by, on and in our rivers and canals. Wherever we go there are dangers and this story points out a few instances where care is needed and helps children to understand that everyone can play a part in keeping the waterways clean and safe. My thanks to BAM Nuttall, the Environment Agency and Leeds City Council for their kind assistance in allowing me to do the research needed for this book in places I could only have dreamed about visiting!”

Andy Judson project manager for BAM Nuttall said,

“I was excited at the opportunity to work on a book on water safety with Chris Madeley, we helped the development of a story board which included the wildlife we have come across working on Leeds FAS and the dangers and other issues that exist on our waterways. I hope the book will help the education of the younger children and enable them to enjoy our river, it's wildlife and the riverside walks which form part of our project.”

Author,Chris Madeley spent many a long hour on the M1 motorway with her husband Keith as they travelled from their main office in Bradford to their company’s branch office in Hertfordshire and guess what happened? Yes, they sat in road works surrounded by miles and miles of CONES! Thus, the concept of Cones coming alive and having adventures was born.

We would like to thank Chris for writing such an exciting story and the entire Leeds FAS site team for all their hard work.