Press Release

For immediate release: 23 June 2017

BAM Nuttall joins The Get it Right Initiative launched at the ICE Friday 23 June

BAM Nuttall has joined the Get it Right Initiative, which is a new organisation tackling avoidable error in the construction industry, with the single aim to significantly reduce error and its associated consequences.

Research informing the Initiative has revealed that annual spend due to error is between a staggering £10-25Bn per annum across the sector, and the root causes for this are embedded deep within the construction industry. This research was funded by the CITB and 16 major industry companies, and led by Expedition Engineering. The Initiative has developed a ‘Strategy for Change’ to address avoidable error, and as part of this strategy, will be launching a campaign to change and align attitudes across the sector.

Sir John Armitt is hosting the Get It Right Initiative launch breakfast at the ICE, sponsored by Berkeley. The event will bring together leading industry figures to pledge their support for the Initiative and demonstrate their commitment to improving error management in construction.

Members joining the Initiative benefit from expert industry guidance, regular articles and reports on best practise, a free bespoke ‘Avoidable Construction Errors workshop’ designed to help understand and address avoidable error within their businesses, access to cutting edge pilot operative cultural training, and benchmarking data and the opportunity to share knowledge in a ‘Chatham House Rules’ context through member only forums and conferences.

The Get It Right Initiative unites its members with a mission to build a better construction industry for the UK.


Notes to editors

• Detailed information about the research that underpins this Initiative can be found on the Get It Right website http://getitright.uk.com/

• ICE launch is strictly invite only – companies interested in attending must contact GIRI prior to event

• The following must be mentioned in relationship to the launch: Tom Barton (executive director of The Get It Right Initiative), Sir John Armitt (host), ICE (host location and partner), Berkeley (sponsor), Expedition Engineering (research)

For more information contact:

Get It Right Initiative Ltd.

Tom Barton

M + 44 (0)7802645121