On 26th December 2015 the city of Leeds was hit by significant flood event, with waters in the River Aire reaching levels 1.2m above the previously recorded high.

BAM Nuttall employees interrupted their Christmas festivities to visit Leeds at the peak of the floods to assess the impact to our work areas on our project. During the second visit it was discovered that the by-wash channel at Knostrop lock, which is adjacent to the works being carried out to install a new movable weir, had failed and the canal bank had breached and several canal boats that had been moored in the area had been washed away.

An emergency works response team was put together with plant mobilised to site the following day in order to place a rock berm across the breach. Rock and broken concrete from the old weir was placed in the fast flowing waters and by the 31stDecember the river waters entering the canal system had been reduced to an acceptable level.

On January 4th the piling team was mobilised to install a sheet piled wall across the breached area to provide a more substantial solution to the problem, allowing Leeds City Council, Environment Agency and Canal & Rivers Trust to work up a permanent repair solution.

Our site team were assisted in this works, calling on supply chain partners Aggregate Industries for stone, Thorne demolition and Sweetings of Leeds for excavators and transport to help us successfully complete the emergency repairs.

Elsewhere staff were also in action to recover the canal boats and barges, bringing them to a safe location.