Installation of changing rooms at Hampstead Heath

Congratulations to the Hampstead Heath team for a superb performance installing the whole of the ladies changing room in a day.

The professional, safe, and well controlled delivery and installation of the modular off site fabricated ladies changing room is a significant milestone on the Hampstead Heath project and a very important day for both our client, the City of London, and the swimmers on the Heath.

The team have been working hard throughout the last four days completing the following works prior to the installation of the changing rooms:

  • Upgrading the Heath footpaths to access routes, which could take delivery of a 350t crane with counterweights and five modular building deliveries, so that grass areas are not damaged. This was achieved using a significant amount of track way, allowing the Heath to be restored as quickly as possible after activities
  • Control of the Lorries delivering the modularised building, fitting through small gaps between trees removing the need for huge tree removal/pruning, with not so much a broken tree branch or smashed wagon wing mirror!
  • Well controlled deliveries ensuring the surrounding roads did not become blocked and allowing safe use of the Heath by the public during our activities
  • A very friendly approach to inquisitive locals, with many members of the project team taking the time to explain what was going on to all the Heath users

This hard work by the project team allowed them to construct the new changing facilities, works included:

  • Demolition of the old changing facilities.
  • Removal of the old suspended slab
  • Sheet piling and casting of a very intricate accurate new slab for the buildings to sit on.
  • All done in the shortest period possible, possession style, to ensure the minimum period for the closure of the swimming facility.

The team have already had positive feedback from the female swimmers and the head of the life guards. This is a significant part of the project which has been delivered in a very tight time scale, this couldn't have been achieved without working closely with the City of London Corporation and all the relevant stakeholders.

Well done to the team for all their hard work!