Cranes at Liverpool 2

This bank holiday weekend saw the arrival of six CRMG cranes (Crane Rail Mounted Gantry cranes) at Liverpool 2. The cranes left China in March, sailing halfway round the world to reach their final destination on Sunday 1st May 2016. The team at Liverpool have worked tirelessly to construct the new quay wall, plus sufficient infrastructure behind it, to allow the berthing of the ship and for the CRMG's to be offloaded by ZPMC, the crane supplier.

The next challenge starting this week is to offload the six cranes from the ship on to the shore. This is expected to take between two and three weeks. The six CRMG's are in addition to the five Ship-to-Shore (StS) cranes that were delivered in November 2015. There are another six CRMG's currently being built in China and will arrive at Liverpool later this summer.

Well done to the team at Liverpool for achieving all the requirements for the CRMG arrival and good luck with the offload.