Our judging panel Martin Bellamy (Executive Director), David Anderson (Head of Business Process & Quality) and Malcolm Corlett (Head of Civil Engineering) have deliberated on the outstanding quality of the many submissions for this years World Quality Day, and have chosen to award high commendations to the following three projects:

Uckfield Platform Extensions (Rail)


Judging panel comments - 'Leadership and engagement at all levels throughout the team, ensuring a real quality driven delivery approach'

Team comments - At the end of each month a "What Good Looks Like" competition was held. Effectively, each station would submit pieces of work which were completed without error and without any re-work being necessary. These entries were then judged by somebody from outside the scheme who did not know who carried out the work.

The team behind the winning submission were presented with a voucher, which was shared out amongst the team.

Victoria Station Upgrade – North Ticket Hall - TWBN – Major Projects


Judging panel comments - 'Lessons learnt through using a simple but effective solution'

Team comments - The main benefit of this defect free submission is the reduced costs that it will bring from the avoidance of rework to the escalators. This level of protection will prevent the escalators from being damaged by others, and reduce any impacts of delays to the programme if remedial work needed to be carried out.

Shoreham Viaduct – (Rail South)

Shoreham WQD.png

Judging panel comments - 'Implementing technology to save time and money and while enhancing the assurance of delivery'

Team comments - BIM is a great tool to use on site for quality as it is efficient and saves time. Prior to using BIM on site, we had a large filing system and paperwork could go missing. Following the introduction of BIM we can complete quality checklists and inspections on site using the iPad and upload the documents onto the server. This makes all documents centralized and easy to locate for the handback file. Completing the checklists on the iPad is a lot easier and photographs can be uploaded to BIM and marked up showing any non-conformance which needs to be corrected.

BAM Nuttall: Celebrating 151 Years of Delivering Quality in Civil Engineering

For World Quality Week each of the Divisional Directors and David Anderson (Head of Business Process & Quality) has recorded an exclusive video. If you wish to watch any of the Divisional Director videos please visit

David Anderson: https://youtu.be/iw-OERQqdXA

Alan Cox: https://youtu.be/BVLBt4hAA6g

Alasdair Henderson: https://youtu.be/183fAXNOEeU

Dougie Grant & Gareth Farrier: https://youtu.be/-Mqe53V-Ats

John Heffernan: https://youtu.be/gLZBhnu_hUc

Matt Stacey: https://youtu.be/HnYw6qUdaRU

Richard Prime: https://youtu.be/QoS47J71eB0