At BAM Nuttall, we do things differently. As a founding member of i3P, The Infrastructure Industry Innovation Partnership, we’re a catalyst for change across the industry. We continually seek new ways to improve productivity, sustainability and safety. Innovation is part of our strategy, and is supported by our values of open collaboration and scalable learning.

We challenge the ‘norms’ of civil engineering by exploring other industries and other markets to discover and learn new ways of working. We encourage our people, and our partners, to do the same – so we can push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We strive to do things better, do better things and do new things. The world is always evolving and, as the builders of that world, we evolve with it. Not only do we come up with new infrastructure solutions to serve a faster, more dynamic world, we deliver them in new and efficient ways.

We have been supported by Innovate UK, government funding body, for several years. This allows us to experiment with and trial innovative technology across several of our sites.

The progress, results and impact of these innovations can be viewed on project websites below.

We also invest and trial technologies we think can improve daily practices on our sites and for our people.

Sustainability is a key factor in our delivery – read more here - and innovative technology helps us to achieve our goals. Our innovative trials often lead to new digital construction methods, making us efficient, safe and skilled.