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About Us

About Us

About Us

We are BAM Nuttall, part of the Royal BAM Group listed on the Dutch stock exchange. Our Group is one of Europe’s largest construction companies, employing 20,000 people globally, with an annual turnover of £7 billion.

BAM Group was founded over 150 years ago and delivers exceptional engineering and construction experiences. We collaborate with clients across private and public sector partnerships in the UK and internationally.

Our purpose is to create sustainable environments that enhance peoples’ lives.

“We’re driven by a desire to deliver outcomes for clients and their customers, in a way that modernises the industry. We use digital engineering, a net zero carbon approach, placing sustainability and great people, at the heart of our organisation. We strive to enhance the lives of people and in the communities where we work.” Ian Parish, Managing Director, BAM Nuttall

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How We Work

At BAM Nuttall, we employ over 3,000 people across 100 projects, including sub-contractors and joint ventures. We strive to create the best working environment for our team by constantly improving safety and working conditions.

As founders of the Institution for Collaborative Working, we believe co-operation is paramount to delivering the best service and our Supply Chain partners help us to achieve this success through early engagement and long term relationships. That’s why we always work collaboratively with our customers, supply chain and industry partners.

We work together, on 5 to 20-year frameworks, to understand the long-term consequences of our work. It means we can invest in the most sustainable routes for communities, economies and the planet.

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Everyone who works for BAM around the world is guided by four values that help us to deliver the best experiences for customers and employees.

Our Values

Our aim has always been to leave a place better than when we arrived. As well as being a well-run profitable business, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact for future generations. And that’s increasingly important in the world we live in today.


Along with nine other operating companies in Royal BAM Group, we are pursuing our 2021-2023 strategy known as 'Building a sustainable tomorrow'.

We're focused on advancements to improve safety & wellbeing at work and across our industry, and creating sustainable environments to enhance people's lives. We're committed to:

  • Investing in our employees by creating safe places for them to work and supporting their development.
  • Leading the industry in digital construction and innovation, including BIM (Building Information Modelling).
  • Focusing on environmentally friendly solutions with the goal of having a net positive impact on society by 2020.
  • Enhancing the lives of people who live and work in communities with sustainable infrastructure that helps economies grow.

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At BAM Nuttall, we do things differently. As a founding member of I3P, the innovation platform for construction, we’re a catalyst for change across the industry. We continually seek new ways to improve productivity, sustainability and safety.

We challenge the norms of civil engineering by exploring other industries and other markets to learn new ways of working. We encourage our people, and our partners, to do the same – so we can push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Watch this video to see how we use future thinking to create smarter projects:

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We are fully embracing digital ways of working to improve the safety, sustainability and buildability of our projects. As part of the BAM Group, we strive to become the market leader in digital technology. And we’ve invested heavily in training to ensure our people have the skills to match our ambition.

Our digital construction methods include:

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) to give us a clearer understanding of the design, so we can foresee issues before they become a problem.
  • Virtual technologies such as augmented reality to enable our project team, client and stakeholders to experience an asset before it is constructed.
  • Robotics and 3D printing to offer safer, more innovative ways of fabricating and constructing items on and off site.

Benefits of our digital construction approach:


  • Faster and smarter decisions
  • Performance certainty
  • Optimised solutions
  • Manage risks


  • Earlier marketing
  • Understand the design better
  • Identify issues and solutions


  • Zero harm
  • On time and on budget
  • Zero waste
  • High quality
  • Detailed as built information


  • Assets deliver as expected
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Ability to plan in advance
  • Less downtime and disruption
  • Improved efficiency


Our sector provides value to millions of people, but uses many resources in the process. In engineering, a sustainability strategy is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. Now is the time for change. We are striving to lead our industry to a positive, sustainable future.

Across the Royal BAM Group, we work by a ‘One BAM’ purpose, to build sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives. We use state-of-the-art knowledge, resources and digital technologies, to provide sustainable solutions across the construction lifecycle.

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